Wendy Cherrett, born in Alberta, Canada is the Founder of Wendy Cherrett Productions. In addition, Ms Cherrett has assisted in founding The Open Octave Project (2011).

Growing up, Ms Cherrett was always involved in music, but never adjusted well to learning the conventional music system. Tearfully struggling through piano lessons as a child, she learned to cope by memorizing what her piano teachers played, instead of reading the notes by herself. She fudged her way through junior high band, and eventually found a way to quickly play piano along with sheet music without ever looking at "the black notes". She continued to create music, and at age 17 wrote her first full length song, and gave up on ever adopting conventional music.

After getting married in 1998, Ms Cherrett continued to write music here and there while raising a family and starting a software company with her husband. Since that time, she has developed a new music system that is independent of "the black note system" and continues to develop music theory based on this liberating foundation.

Anywhere music is playing, Ms Cherrett is continually analyzing it. She mentions that there is never a trip to the grocery store where she feels like she's off the job. "If I'm listening, I'm asking 'WHY?' Why things are the way they are and how they could be better is one of the biggest themes of my life." comments Cherrett. "I also try not to let reasons not to do something get in my way. When we were too poor to have a piano, I'd go into the piano store and write songs jumping from piano to piano, just looking like I was trying them out. That's how Seek Ye The Lord was written. The Storm was written when I only had an old broken guitar and only knew about 5 chords, the ones that made it in the song. Before I built my studio, I just recorded music in my living room from midnight until 6:00am when my babies were sleeping, and the traffic slowed down. Some of the songs on the CD were even recorded on a hand held recorder from my bed. You use what you have."

Over the years, Ms Cherrett also took an interest in film production, and along the way, noticed things that she felt could be improved upon in the movie making cycle. Much like the music system, she found ways of creating new checklists and techniques for the elements involved in movie making, both in Producing/Directing and in the order that films are constructed in.

Currently on it's seventh version, Ms Cherrett has developed a 128 point movie rating system for assessing the success and acceptance of almost any movie, and a checklist to estimate it's success before it's release. Wanting to put her theory into practice and eventually see the results of her theory on screen, Wendy Cherrett Productions was founded, and eventually formalized in 2011. Other than general music and film production, latest projects include the developing of customized Motion Capture technology as well as Unique Live Sound Conversion for use in midi music orchestration.

Wendy Cherrett Productions also works closely with The Open Octave Project. As Ms Cherrett began digital music recording, her needs quickly outgrew the functionality of many of the commercial music applications, and thus, The Open Octave Project was formed. Founded by her husband Christopher Cherrett, Open Octave is a Digital Audio Workstation with it's first version for the public released in October, 2011.

Before Ms Cherrett's Father passed away in 2010, he often listened to his daughter's music to take his mind off of the pain of his sickness as he tried to sleep at night. It was one of his last wishes that he could contribute to getting her music out for others to hear. Although uncomfortable by the "unfinished" state of her music, and even including some rough copies, she released her first CD of the songs that helped comfort her Dad in his last days. The Album "Return To Rest" was released December 6, 2011 (her Father's birthday) in hopes that in fulfilling his last wishes, many people could go to sleep at peace, whether it be their bodies, or just their hearts that hurt.

At present, Ms Cherrett is actively producing her own music, as well as Directing a feature length film, currently in pre-production.

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